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I love your music! You are so talented! Je Taime Tres Fort Turia is my far...I'm impressed, intrigued and feeling very lucky to know you!
Ah Hah! I found the comment page! Keep on Rockin! Keep on making beautiful music! Keep on doing what you love and what you were made to do. :)
Love the music..Keep up the amazing work..I am a good friend of Guy Laurens.. Aloha RJ
john,i think you useto play with my bro ron in the band moonshine in the 70s on guam.i got a hold of you befor,and you got me in touch with chris gifford. ive been contacting folks on guam (surfers)s shoot me an email sometime...
Hello Mr. John I overheard on "" your wonderful song "Je T'aime Tres Fort Turia". I must really make you my compliments. It 'a very beautiful song, with a fantastic rhythm and sounds very special and sought after. These sounds are a dream. The use of the Brian Moore guitar is fantastic. I wish I had the chords (chords) of this song if it were possible. Even though I tried, I just can not understand them. They are too difficult for me. Where can I find them? They are available? Would you ever to play in Italy? Congratulations again and thank you for your beautiful music. Livio F. Felli text translated by Google translator
Time for a "Tunesmith" Reunion!!! ??? Miss You guys!! So? Studio? recording Studio? . . .
Well Done!
love it..
Just wanted to wish you great success in 2010. Hope we can do some recording this year. You're the best!
Belles chansons ! Uncle John, je suis fier de vous.
Johnnyboy, keep up the great work! We've got to get back to performing together.
Keep up the great work, Johnnyboy. Let's get back to playing together!
Just wanted to say hello and just wondering how everything is coming along. God Bless you and everyone on this day and everyday.. Merry Christmas.. MMA Fighter: Mike" The Islander" Ada
You and your music and your accomplishments (I'm sure through hard work) make me proud to be a Chamorro. Will be buying your cds.
hi john, rec'd your cd today and the postcard. getting a new cd player installed in the car so i can hear it! best of luck to you all and stay in touch when you can. thanks!!
I get the pleasure of working with you everyday, but finding you on a google page when I enter Hafa Adai Che'lu that is truly amazing Che'lu You rock bro can t wait till our next sales summit. As I promised we'll do any Earth, Wind, & Fire you want!!
John, you are such an amazing and talented artist. Charlie & I are planning to see your performance at Del Mar here soon. We miss you and hope you bring some cd's with you cuz I want to buy one. Keep up the good work neighbor. Josie Flores
Nice tunes John! All i need is a beach...calamansi juice and sake on ice! Esta later - Mark
Great talking with another Brian Moore guitar player.
WOW! Search on Google for John Borja and I found you. You've come a long way since the Tunesmith days when I knew you! You look good. Take care. Melissa
Hi John, It was a pleasure in working with your Tahitian Dreams band with Quintinn Holi and Enrique Platas; great guys and very good musicians. They played very good. Tell your boyz I said well done ! I hope the sound was ok for you and the band. If there is a next time, I will know what to bring and set up!! I enjoyed you guys, and your wonderful musical selection. John you are an ass kicking guitarist Bro'. Nice sound with your top of line gear, good ear with solos right on it. I wish the Tahitian Dreams band best of touring for the upcoming showcases ! Mahalo, Jerry Augustine
Awesome taste of tunes!
We met at Nelson Case Corp. Call us whenever you need us again. We live in Yorba Linda I see you are performing at a private party near here. Wish I can come and see. Break a leg, brudda.
Say, John, my husband & I used to see you & your band at Viejas Casino in the Bar/Dancing area . . . can't remember the name, when we used to live in San Diego. We really enjoyed your music & we always wondered where did you go from there. It's nice to know that you are still around. Will you be performing in San Diego County or Riverside County (Temecula) in the near future? We would love to come & see you & your group again. Please email me. Si Yu'us Ma'ase!
bonjours je m'appele jennifer vous abité a tahiti
Uncle Johnny! Awesome songs! I will share your site to the familia back in Saipan.. Memorias para todos i familia gi San Diego. Esta despues. i Sobrinomo, Harry Blanco
I like your site! Hope to do sound for your group again someday! Take care
Do you know Mario Borja? Are you related to him?
Thank you for the lovely music you give. God Bless you!
Hey John- you have an awesome site. I got lucky to find your site when surfing thru the net for chamorro sounds . u no da kine brudda- dad island feeling & thrillin'. u are great brudda!!!
Hi John, I love your Island Grooves.. I hope to cross paths again.. Stay Well. Mario
Hi John, nice site and good music too, I'm working now on marketing my album!! lot of work!! Laurent
Thanks for stopping by Apex Audio. I enjoyed meeting you and looking at your website :-)
Love the music's great job, take care.
HAFA DUDE.........................
GGRRRREAT JOB JOHN. Da music is like back home and thanks for da memories. aloha & C-YA
Hi John...i want to hear your music.
John, We love your music, and this makes us so very proud of our Chamorros. Your music makes us lonely for our beautiful Island. We only left 6 years ago and its good to hear your music. We love you, coming from all my family here in Killeen, Texas. Thomas and Francis Crisostomo
Aloha....good stuff John, caught Coco Joe's post from 7/12 and what a flash back. Hangin' at the Yard, v-ball with the family bbq with the likes of Cre-man, Crazy Eddie, AJ, Coco Joe, Lyle, Lerch and a crew of surf crazies. Miss the old days. Good luck on ya...good seein' your post Joe, rip 'um brah Hafa to AJ.
Hey Braddah!! Me & Albert Juan are going next year to Oahu. Hopefully I can see you next year if I make it. I wish I could go this year. I think Pascal Nelson is back there. He told me if he ever goes back to the island, he'll be divorced, cuz his wife wouldn't want to go back. That's the last words he told me. I told him I definitely wouldn't want to divorce the great ocean, and what it has to offer.. haha. We both laugh, but after that, we looked at each other really sadly. I love those two brothers(Pascal & Mike), they were like my brothers, it goes to you too. I really miss you guys and the fun times we've had. Remember my Tom Parrish yellow stick? The first wave at Waimea it got loose from my leg and went in on shore, I had to swim for it. REALLY REALLY scary!! But I can never forget ripping Castles and No Place surf spots and also Kaisers. Those guys asked Pascal who I was, They said I was hot. And Pascal goes,"he's from Guam", the guys said "those Guamanian Guys are pretty good" haha.. Although I can never forget JOHNNY BOLT, he can blow you away when it's BIG!!! Yeah bolt??? So catch one for me Bolt!! I'll be with you in the future with Albert Juan! Braddah, Keep in touch!! Oh, by the way, Magandas is closed for good since the last 9/11 the terrorist bullshit!! If I ever met one, I'll make him pay for me missing my spot!!! Willy Byerly is trying to get a lawyer and to get us surfers to surf there. Aloha!!! Si Yu'os Ma'ase!! Mahalo!! SHAKA SI CHAKA!!! haha...
Si Yu'os ma'ase', John, ni' kantan WAKE me UP gi fino'Chamoru!! adios yan Biba Chamoru!
Johnny, Hope to see you in CT.! Love your music man! Will you be singing in CT.?
Hey Bolt!!! I received your CD.. .AWESOME BRAH!!!! Keep up the good work man!! One day it'll pay BIG!! Have you been surfing?? ALOHA & SI YU'OS MA'ASE PRIMO!
Cool site.
John, love the tunes...nice variety. If you know Mona Roberts (physical trainer) in Guam send her a Island love song from keep it got a fan from Maryland USA. love to hear you in person. Rich
just dropping by to say aloha, hafa adai and love yah!
cool site. i like how you did your videos..its a movement..i was moved..i'll tell you that.
It's me! KoKoMo/coco joe. I got your website while browsing. I saw some great pictures that brought back great memories. Me, you and Pascal Nelson. I haven't consistently been surfing due to building my house and just busy working. I'm about to go back consistently to surf again. I've been watching alot of surf movies and we'll be doing it out in the ocean. I've been watching Dane Reynolds. The last time I was surfing, I was doing aerials and 360's alot. You know it's like riding a motorcycle, it's a piece cake. Anyways I'm married have 2 girls and a grandson. It hasn't really been good surf on Guam like it used to be. The reef must be growing, or else Guam is sinking. I do miss Oahu and Cali also. I surfed ocean beach San Francisco, fort point, and Pacifica. But I don't miss full wet suits at all. Can you send some pictures of Tahiti to me? Say hi to your wife for me. I will get back to you ASAP. Gonna go snore for now... Aloha and Mahalo and Melekalikimaka Brah... and Wahoo from Guam. By the way, talk to you latah... Adios Che' lu. P.S. Send me a C.D. of your latest songs.
Johnny, I have listened to a couple of your songs on the new album and they are very good and I will be buying the CD. I hope to talk to you soon. I hope your new CD is a great success. Charles
It's been a while since our last meeting at borders. I see you got your new release out. congradulation! I'll be hooking up with your site at another time..kinda a late. so I'll touch base soon. till then ..nite
Hello, John I just noticed your web site and thought I would say hello. I've known Bobby Starling for along time but didn't realize he was your relative. Also i met you brother Frank in Hawaii when he worked at Pink Cadillac. I'm in Lake Tahoe, but live in Santa Clara, Ca. My address is 654 Malarin Ave Santa Clara, Ca. 95050 Phone 408-241-3989 The E-mail may be old so you have my number. I haven't seen Joe Hipolito (Coco Joe) in years, but I think of you guy's alot. If you get a chance it would be really cool to keep in touch. Aloha, Chris
Hi Bro, Looks great! I am very proud of you, your talents, dreams, and accomplishments. Love, Mejang
Hi, Good to see your mug again. I am now on the blog. When I get home I will check this out again. Talk to me later, Dave
Very nice web-site.
You don't know me but I lived next door to the Jones and I am a friend of Jim Fuqua's. Very cool site. I'm looking forward to listening to your CD when I'm headed from work.
Aloha, John.....long time no see. After all these years, it is awesome to see that you are doing some great things and continue to pursue life zealously! Loved your website and look forward to seeing more exciting additions to your website. 9/30/07
I'm totally blown away by your web page. And your photos of Guam's surf...BREATHTAKING! The shots of you at Merizo and Boat Basin are priceless, but what grabs me most is the photo of Mike Appleby in Merizo. I'd love to be able to purchase a few if it's possible. Warmest regards, Erica
my dad used to live in guam and surf when was young and my age... i have a picture from 60's that i want to see if you know where it is at... It appears to be a very distinctive spot. can you help me with it?
im just intrigue- are you a filipino? why do u speak tagalog? hehehehehe
hi, am a filipino!!! listening to your sample music makes me wanna fly to guam to get a copy of your album..... I just love the rhythm and the style. Invade the philippines!!!!!
Johnny; I was googling through the internet, and came upon your web page. Nice stuff! Real cool pictures of Guam surf life in the 70's. I graduated in '79 at GW, and have lived on Guam since. Way to bring the Chamoru spirit out to the other parts of the world! Keep it up! Warm Regards, Joe John
Yes sir, Hafa Adai, Che'lu great songs. I am with the older generation Chamorro, and I really enjoy all your songs.
We will come check you out at one of the Borders Music & Bookstores! Great website! See you soon
Hi John, Just wanted to check in and see how you're doin. Hope all is well. Thanks for the good music! Deb
Beautiful web site and we love your cover of Gino Vannelli's "I JUST WANNA STOP" Really good.... BEAUTIFUL voice!!! How nice that you mention Gino Vannelli's concerts in LastVegas in March 2007 23, 24 and 25 March 2007 on your web site and we wish you great JOY and musical satisfaction during Gino Vannelli's magical live concerts... One of life's joys is a Gino Vannelli live concert, that's for sure!!! Thanks for your e-mails and again apologies for our bad English/American writing but we do the best we can. Thanks John. GOOD LUCK and GOOD LOVE. Barend and Trees in Holland.
I am desperately seeking to download the song "Iorana". It seems that every site that I go to gives me the run-around.
Hafa Adai, Che'lu Thanks for keeping in touch with your music & pics. Hope to see you & Teria soon. Please tell her to keep in touch. Same Ph.# 619-280-Guam. Si: Julie Q
relics do play great music! aweso0me sounds bro
My beloved best friend, is a native of Guam, he has now returned to his beautiful island , and while we are thousands of miles apart, my thoughts are with him always. This station helps me understand his culture, and his island music, thank you
Hello John: I am elfarero from spain, I like your music, I have readed you message in my website, We would like surfing in your country. Nice website, see you.
John ..Just ran across your web page and your music ..born in guam ..been away long enjoying your songs, hopefully we can be at borders in carmel mtn nov /sat nite.see ya!
Hi John, I am from Colombia (Southamerica), I was looking for some information from Guam on the net and I found some samples of your music at so I listened to it and I loved it. I suppose you were born in Guam, I don't know, there is no personal information at My Bio site so I would like you to tell us something more about you, you know, your family, your likes, etc.
Cool site man, on and play LOUD !
Hey John, do you remember me? are you the johnny borja that I use to jam with when I was a kid, brother manny i think?
Hey John just checked out your surfing pix in the gallery. You're the man!
Would anyone have the translation for his remake of the song "Te Vahine Tahiti"? I've been looking all over and can't seem to find an English translation. TIA, mahalo, and maruuru roa!
Maayo and Mabuhay! Dude, you're living my dream--playing lead guitar, surfing, recording and winning the heart of a beautiful island girl. As a music reviewer and fellow "guitarista" i can rightfully say you put in a lot of love and native pride in your performance..and i'm not saying that just because we share the same last name! Hope to see you in Reno!
John, the lyrics are great. I can't download the sound, tho. I can only imagine listening to it. Great work, bro. congratulations! Chelu Tony
Hallo beroemde collega!!! Hier een berichtje uit Nederland. Je hebt een mooie site en je muziek klinkt goed. Ik kan niet wachten tot ik een stapel backstagepassen ga krijgen van je als je op tournee bent door Europa!!! Groeten, Alexander (P.s. Are you coming to the FFMesse this year?)
Nice site, great tunes! Peace
Great photos, great story John
john, so wonderful to hear a chamorro plays music with big time singers. i am so proud of you.....
Hey John, Awesome, what can I say. You just keep getting better. Keep me posted. I picked a couple of CD's and will play them for everyone I know. You deserve to be heard. Thanks for the good music. Deb
Happy Holidays from Saipan.
here is my address 5028 biscoe av. memphis tn. 38122 send me the midi files and anything else you wish also check out your website is awsome! hope to see you soon Gods blessings be on you and yours chris
John, We are proud of you! James really enoys Birdland. God Bless, David and Ginger
Bro. John, just by listening to your Birdland MP3 sample, this is great! I'm proud of you keeping up w/music "gaige gi haga'". Hope someday we'll do something together again like the good old days=). Keep up the good work bro. & hope to see or hear from you soon...Pete Salas
Hafa Adai & Iaorana, John! Very happy to see a Chamorro brother who has ties with our Tahitian brothers and sisters. Take care. Esta Later! Celia
I got this info from a friend of mine in Maryland. My husband James William is into music. He plays the piano/keyboard when he has the time. Thank you for promoting your music and representing our Island of Guam.
John, hello! my name is Bobby gaviola. Ferd's drummer in Wavelength. Hopefully, we will meet soon. I'm impressed with your website and your music. I'm a fellow musician 25+ yrs. Maybe one day we can do some business tougether? I'm available and studided with the Late great Tony Williams and David garibaldi from Tower of Power. I love Jazz Fusion, latin, Funk, just about anything that sounds good. If you like Dennis chambers, Will kennedy, david garibaldi, then you will like me!! Take care...Here's my Ph# 1-707-579-5974
I am not able to listen to any of your music and I would really like to buy one of your CDs. Is there a way that I could listen to one of your songs? Thank you
Here's my personal email as well. Cool website. If you ever come out east (bring a coat) give me a call. We can jam, yes? Good to see you at Old Lyme 05'
I am truly impressed! You've done an excellent job! What can I say? I will surely get a CD.
Is this same Johny Borja I used to surf with?
John, Very nice!!! Read your bio, wow! Long way from the days at JFK and the jam session parties. :-)
OMG - I will be ordering a couple for Xmas gifts for Paulina in Saipan and Joe in Seattle. and .. 1 for me. You know when I saw you in SD 30YRS ago...Yikes... you said you were in a "class of your own"...course I think you were referring to SURFING!. ... You are! Wishing you continued Success bro! Love, JBF PS - My love to DA QUEEN ! ( Your sister Rose!):)
Awesome John! Can't wait for the Chamoru CD!!!!! Best wishes for continued success! si Julie
Hafa Adai John! A buddy of mine, Jess Mesa, saw your performance in Vegas and shared that you were the most professional entertainer there. I had a chance to listen to the sample music clips, look at the photos, read the bio and reviews on your website and I am very proud of your accomplishments!! Keep up the good work Buddy, you make us all proud to be a Chamorro!
Great site, bro! I'm very proud of you and gladly state you are family.
U da man Johnny B! Proud to know you as my friend and great musician. Rock on!
Che'lu, The chamorro spirit lives in your music...and in all that you have accomplished. Make Guam proud!!! Regards, Mike