To be honest we bought this cd because of the two GINO VANNELLI covers : "I JUST WANNA STOP" and "WHEELS OF LIFE" which we love!!! It's not GINO VANNELLI'S voice but your cover is really, really good... with your own style and with passion for Gino Vannelli's music!!! We enjoy listening to your whole cd and it's a new treasure in our cd collection. We also collect cd's with GINO VANNELLI covers so you will be in our GINO VANNELLI collection too.... Thanks for sharing your voice and talents with the world ... GOOD LUCK with your work for MUSIC!!!” - Barend and Trees in Holland.

Chamoru Dreams OK all, I'm not one to push anything. But I just got john r borja's (Johnnies) CD. Powerful stuff! What a voice this guy has! And his music, deep! The CD and his music brought me back to Guam in a way that was special to me! That about all I can say. Ric” - Richard "Ric" Larson

Dean's Circle Blog

Johnny..I love the CD I just got Johnny’s CD Chamoru Dreams in the mail today. It’s terrific! Listening to it makes me feel like I’m on a tropical beach, sitting under a swaying palm, watching the surf. I think I’m alone but I look to my right and I see someone coming up the beach towards me, shoulder length long hair gently swinging as he walks, suntan oil shining on his brown chiseled body, oops…….sorry, forgot where I was for a moment……… the last track on the CD " I Will Always Remember You" is especially poignant considering all that has happened with this blog.” - Cindy Knoke

Dean's Circle Blog

Beautiful web site and we love your cover of Gino Vannelli's "I JUST WANNA STOP" Really good.... BEAUTIFUL voice!!! ... GOOD LUCK and GOOD LOVE.” - Barend and Trees

Gino Vannelli Fan site - Barend and Trees in Holland, the Netherlands

If you're into island music with a contemporary jazz feel, you're going to love the newest featured performer in KUAM Music. Our notification-based digital music delivery service now has a pair of hot sample tracks from John Borja, a Chamorro musician living in California.” - Jason Salas


C Bôôôôôôô Cette musique est à rêver!!! La musique est simple et presque'ordinaire, mais l'interprétation, sans être mielleuse, est tout douce, berçante. Et cette langue!!! J'ADORE le reo tahiti! Je disais comme "Musique tahitian dreams" Cette musique est loin de celle de ma culture d'origine, mais elle à touché mon coeur. Je continuerais pour des pages...”
Oh, chouette alors ! merci de l'adresse, je vais voir -ou plutot- ecouter- ca !”
Musique tahitian dream Je suis tombée sous le charme de cette chanson qui est en page d'accueil. Dommage que l'on ne peut la téléchargé. Cette musique est loin de celle de ma culture d'origine, mais elle à touché mon coeur. Merci de nous faire découvrir et partager les charmes de votre culture. Naïma "petite danseuse orientale”
VIVRE A TAHITI La création de ce site est une idée géniale: on s'y croirait presque. J'ai envie de préparer mes bagages....”
ben ça marche ! tout à l'air de bien fonctionner ! Bisous je persiste à dire que ça va bien, je poste à Annie... j'aime bien ton blog (et c'est pas que des mots... c'est vrai !) bisous”